About The DESNET Foundation

 The DESNET Foundation is a non-profit, voluntary organization committed to providing a platform for the realization of every individual’s right to have access to adequate safe potable water as outlined in the Constitution of South Africa.

 Through strategic partnerships with sponsors, collaborations with other non-profit organisations, leading companies, schools, research centres and institutions of higher learning, the foundation aims to be an organization tackling water access, water quality and water availability issues in South Africa.

Furthermore, the Foundation is committed to
The realisation of water as a human right in line with the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 64/292 of 2010;​

Highlighting and publicizing the finite nature of fresh water resources so as to disseminate knowledge, bring awareness and to provide a platform whereby all water users are encouraged to partake in decision making as well as in finding innovative ways of utilising the resource in a sustainable manner; and in

Recognising women as important role players in the provision, governance and safeguarding of water resources, as well as recognising the economic value of water in all aspects of its uses, as espoused in the 1992 Dublin Principles.  

Founder of the Foundation
Malebo Desnet Matlala, is the Founder of The DESNET Foundation.

She holds an LLM in Water Law, with a focus on International Water Law, from the University of Dundee in Scotland, United Kingdom, an MSc in Water Science, with a focus on Water Quality Monitoring, from the North-West University, in Potchefstroom, South africa, a BSc Honours in Aquatic Health as well as a BSc in Natural and Environmental Sciences from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

She is currenlty pursuing her PhD in Groundwater Science, Law and Policy at the University of South Africa.

The DESNET Foundation is the fruition of a life long desire to serve the communities around me. I know what it is to live in absolute water poverty, and I have been privilledged enough to experience absolute water abundance.

The aim of the foundation, is to do our bit in eradicating water poverty.

Meet the Dreamer

Our Mission

To bring water to those who lack, and awareness to those who have.

Our Purpose
To reach out and share our expertise on the sustainable use of freshwater resources.
Our Values

The Foundation pledges to the following values:

We are Passionate in what we do, and we are committed to serving our communities with Respect and Integrity, in order to succeed in eradicating the scourge of water poverty.

Our Vision

A world where no one goes to bed thirsty.